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Tooth trauma

If your child has suffered tooth trauma such as broken teeth, rinse the area with warm water and apply a cold compress over the facial area. Seek immediate dental attention by calling our office.

When a permanent tooth is knocked out, recover the tooth if possible and rinse it under warm water. Place the tooth back into the socket or into a cup of milk. This type of injury requires immediate professional dental assistance.

If after 15 minutes, your child is still excessively bleeding from the mouth, take him or her to the nearest ER or call 911 immediately.

Is your child experiencing dental trauma? Call:

Dental emergencies sometimes happen

If you feel your child is having a serious dental or medical emergency, call 911 without delay.

We're here when you need us most

If your child experiences any type of tooth or mouth trauma, please call our office. We will schedule an appointment to see your child as soon as possible. New Braunfels Pediatric Dental Associates takes pride in providing your child with prompt dental care.

Permanent tooth trauma

Excessive bleeding

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