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Office appointments

We will be happy to make an appointment for you concerning your child's dental health. Please call 830-625-0202 during regular office hours, Monday - Thursday, 8:00am to 5:00pm and Friday 8:00am to noon. We will call you to confirm the appointment the day before your scheduled visit.


If your child is scheduled to have a sedation appointment, please remember they will need to have an empty tummy (no food or drink from midnight the night before) and your office visit will be extra-long. Please be aware that your child will need to be supervised for the remainder of the day!

If you do need to cancel your appointment, please call our office. If more than 2 appointments are missed in a 12-month period, we reserve the right to dismiss you from our practice.

As a courtesy to you, we will file your insurance. This is not a guarantee of payment, and you are responsible for your bill. Please be prepared to pay any deductibles you may have and your percentage of your visit. Please have your most recent insurance card with you.


Please be aware that our office does not determine benefits as your insurance provider sets this. We do not contract with any particular insurance company and we are not responsible for the methods used by your insurance company, to determine allowable benefits and claims.

Should you have any questions for us, please call:

Every dental office has its policies...

and these happen to be ours partner! Check out how our office is run and should you have any questions, give us a call!

Fee's and payments

Fees and options for treatment will be presented to you on your first visit. We accept most major credit cards, cash, and checks.

Cancellation policy

Insurance information